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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 27, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> i wonder why? >> yeah. >> welcome back. hey you know we got some fog along the coastline this morning. just some patchy fog right now but the winds will be kicking up and temperatures likely to be much cooler and talk about that coming up. southbound 280 reopened to traffic. so you can use 280 or 101 now. leaving san francisco. we also have an overturned accident in pleasanton and going to tell you about that coming up as well. all right thank you. today is the day of mourning at uc santa barbara. classes are canceled and a memorial is planned for the -- planned for the six students killed friday night. the parents of victim george chen from san jose joined other mowners in ayla sis -- isla vista. >> we don't want our kids to get hurt. it's just -- it shouldn't happen to any family. [ inaudible ] >> should have taken what happened in that story and steps to stop it. it shouldn't have had to
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happen. >> the first students killed were all from the bay area. david wang, george chen and james hong. kpix 5's betty yu has more about the three young men killed by a fellow student. >> reporter: they were smart kids who friends say had done everything right in their lives. >> never had any drama in high school. always just kept to himself. >> he wasn't the aggressive type. it's really sad to hear someone would take advantage of that and come after james. >> reporter: he was one of elliot rodger's first victims. jeff lee last saw him on graduation day. he came back to the high school to pay his respects. james shared so many traits with 19-year-old george chen from leyland high school in san jose. >> always smiling and he was -- a happy kid and it's so unfortunate for this to happen to him you know and i feel bad for the his parents. >> so robbed of a happy life.
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a good life. >> reporter: these were the biggest nerds i had ever seen and they were both very ugly with annoying voices. elliot plotted to get rid of them so he could secure his apartment for his own personal torture and killing chamber. one was also savagely killed in that apartment. a family friend spoke of his parents' devastation. >> i talked to his mom. and -- yeah, it just so hard for her and she said she really wants all the school to know that she definitely don't want -- doesn't want this kind of thing to happen again. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> the killer wrote in his manifesto about hating his roommates because they were asian. kpix 5's andria borba has more on elliot rodger's disturbing pattern of behavior before the attack. >> elliot rodger here. >> reporter: elliot rodger's first run-in with police
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happened last year after a fight at a college party. he had been pushing women and no charges were filed. >> there was nothing i've seen to suggest that there was a red flag. >> reporter: family and friends say rodger had been treated by health experts since he was a child but stopped frequent visits after he turned 18. >> girls are not sexually attracted to me. i have a major problem with that. a major problem. that's a problem that i intend to rectify. >> reporter: rodger began posting menacing internet videos in february. his mother became so alarmed she asked police to check on him last month. they did. but saw no signs of a threat or need to search for weapons. >> if the law enforcement officer comes to a location and doesn't see anything that suggests the person is a threat to themselves or somebody else, for him to merely take somebody
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into custody because there was a concerned mother would violate his civil rights. >> reporter: minutes before the rampage, rodger e-mailed his parents and therapist a memoir titled my twisted world and wrote -- he described feeling empowered when he bought the first of his guns and relief when the police his mother sent did not discover his plan for a day of retribution. >> i take great pleasure in slaughtering all of you. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> meanwhile, the "new york post" and the "daily mail" posted photos online of the girl rodger mentioned in the manifesto as the reason behind his hatred an aspiring model he went to school with a decade ago. her father says she never picked on him. homes have evacuated in the sierra foothills as a fast growing wildfire burns out of
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control in mariposa county. it began 3:30 yesterday afternoon and already burned about 500 acres and at least two buildings and a sparsely populated hunters' valley area. the hot and dry conditions are unusual for late may. >> the fire activity or the burning conditions are more conducive or consistent with what you would see in probably a july or august. >> so far, there are no reports of any injuries. the cause of the fire is still unclear and still 0% contained. it is 4:35. time for weather and sadly i think we're going to be telling that story all summer long right? >> probably. we've got a long way to go. right now looks pretty dangerous. hay folks around the bay area today we have some patchy fog along the coastline and mostly clear skies inside the bay and the valleys. is sea breeze though is kicking in and that means we are going to see temperatures dropping maybe as much as ten degrees around the bay area today. so expecting some cooler weather outside. still not a bad afternoon. you'll find only low 80s though in ther into year valleys.
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70s inside the bay and bro seay and system 60s with a couple of patches of fog toward the coastline. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. this afternoon 70s inside the bay and 60s toward the coast. all right, let's check on the roads now with elizabeth. in time for the back to work commute a stretch of 280 in san francisco open. it opened a couple of hours ahead of schedule. this is a tweet from right after 3:00 a.m. you can see southbound 280 in san francisco flowing fine and caltrans supercrews went fine and everything has been moving well for the last couple of hours. a live report on that coming up. in the meantime also watching an accident in the dublin interchange southbound 680 approaching the 580 interchange. it's a big rig versus another car. the car went down the embankment and tore calling -- they are calling for to you crews who are going to need some cable to get the car out of the ditch. in the meantime we're noticing much of a delay in either direction right now. we'll have a closer look at some of the bridges including the bay bridge coming up in the
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meantime back to you guys. as you said a stretch of interstate 280 in san francisco open once again. it had been shut down since thursday between the king street and pennsylvania avenue on ramps for earthquake retrofit work. >> it's been a very challenging project. they had to bring in crews from other projects just to make sure that we made the deadline. >> the work's not quite over yet and northbound lanes will be closed in that same area over the fourth of july and the labor day weekends. a military flyover marked annual memorial day observance yesterday at san francisco national cemetery in the presidio. it's been happening for 146 years. and is one of the largest events of its kind in the country. san jose, american flags flew over oak hill memorial park dozens of veterans gathered to honor the fallen. it is 4:37. new this morning, a girl from antioch managed to get away from a man she says forced her
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into prostitution. the 17-year-old escaped from a stockton motel sunday and dialed up 911. she told police she lad run way if home after -- away from home after a fight with her parents and was forced into prostitution by a man she -- prostitution by a man she had met months ago. >> what's really alarming is that the 14-year-old girl inside the car was teaching the other girls how to be prostitutes. >> 20-year-old chester brown due in court tomorrow. meanwhile stockton police are looking in the pocket of -- possibility of more victims. today the ceo of the san francisco based social network is due in court on felony hit and run charges. nick stores ceo is expected to plead not guilty. he's accused of leaving the scene of a crash that injured a woman whose car spun out of control to avoid colliding with his car. the accident happened last year on u.s. 101 in san mateo county. we've heard stories about
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bay area start-ups and one that caught our attention is trying to develop a free vaccine in hiv and aids. kpix 5's christine ayers explains how you can help. >> reporter: dr. reid robsman's got big dreams. he runs immunity project. >> i've been very interested in this really marvelous story about hiv controllers. people who become infected with hiv but somehow don't progress to develop aids. sound like happy to you? >> reporter: the idea is to mimic that response in a lab setting. reid invented the technology at his company's slow pharma but he's giving the results of his research away for free. >> the people are desperately poor and really it's got to be available at no cost. >> reporter: decades of failure in hiv vaccine research made the project an unlikely candidate for government funding so these guys broke tradition and appealed to the general public.
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through their own crowd funding drive, they raised almost half a million dollars in less than three weeks. >> social fundraising or social like donation platforms have existed for a long time. >> reporter: denny is with an independent crowd funding site and he says publicly funded science is getting more popular. >> crowd funding is opening up the process to feater number of people. if anything it's getting even a closer look by other scientists in the field. >> reporter: scientists admit their ideas and people donate at experiment his team all fresh out of college makes sure their clients are who they say they are. but other than that? >> we kind of let the crowd decide. >> reporter: but some question whether that's appropriate for something as complicated as aids research. >> there's no one out there to really scrutinize what's happening with the research. >> reporter: as a public speaker and a person living with aids, matt sharp has worked with some of the top hiv
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researchers in the country and he says the researchers involved in the immunity project are unknown in the hiv field. >> anyone can go out into crowd source funding for anything that they wish for right? i mean that's -- that's what it's based on. it's not based on any reality. >> reporter: he questions whether the nonprofit immunity project might just be a publicity stunt for slow pharma. reid's for profit company. >> this is a new vaccine delivery approach. could that be applicable to other diseases? it's conceivable it could be. >> reporter: does he worry about letting down his donors? >> this is the model of tech. the model of tech is get in there, work hard and take it to the conclusion. decide if it's good or bad. abandon it if it's bad. feed it if it's good and that's what we're doing. >> reporter: christin ayers, eyewitness news. >> a mystery millionaire out there who's been hiding cash around the bay area plans to expand his efforts. >> the anonymous donor posts as hidden cash on twitter. and he posts clues online sending followers on scavenger
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huds to find the money and now will hit up san jose tomorrow and the los angeles area this weekend. the donor's also promised a give huge giveaway when he reaches 100,000 followers. we know -- where will the girls are but we cannot tell you. >> some edge couraging news on the -- encouraging news on the search for hundreds of kidnapped schoolgirls. what authorities are saying coming up. >> a symbol of a live war mitises peer from the east by -- may disappear from the east bay hill. why others are fighting to keep it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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right now search teams are preparing for another day of looking for three men missing after a huge mudslide in western colorado. the three had gone to check on a smaller slide sunday when they were caught in a bigger slide and it is big. about three miles long and half a mile wide. and 250 feet deep in some places. search is even more challenging because the mud is still moving there. developing news in nigh
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georgia, possible breakthrough in the search for more than 200 abducted schoolgirls. nigeria's highest ranking military officer says the girls have been located. cbs reporter susan mcginnis explains why the military is not planning an immediate rescue attempt. >> reporter: nigeria's chief of defense claims his military located more than 200 schoolgirls abducted by the militant islamic group boko haram. >> the good news for the girls that -- is that we know where they are but we cannot tell you. >> reporter: the group kidnapped the teens six weeks ago from their school in the northeastern village village of chibok. they need to exercise caution because the girls could get killed in a rescue attempt. the country's military revealed the new information while addressing protestors monday. >> where they are hold. should we take it with force? >> no. [ inaudible ] so nobody should come and say the nigerian military does not know what it is doing. >> reporter: people in nigeria
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and around the world have criticized the government for not acting fast enough to bring the girls home. one activist says they were close to being freed last week but nigeria's president rejected a deal to swap the girls for detained boko haram members. u.s. surveillance planes including drones are part of the international effort to find the missing girls. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> 80 american service members are on the ground in north africa to oversee drone operations in the search. this is what happened when a teenager thought it would be a really good idea to hold his breath driving through a tunnel in oregon. not so smart. he fainted caused a throe car crash. four people injured. 19-year-old driver was cited for reckless driving. not a mensa candidate. >> no. >> no. [ laughter ] >> no. glad he's still going to be okay though. >> yes that's good. >> pretty horrific crash. >> all right let's talk weather. yelled that. we have the patchy fog along the -- yes let's do that. we have the patchy fog along
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coastline this morning. a lot of sunshine. the sea breeze is kicking in and you know what that means we're going to cool down the temperatures even in the valleys today the 90s going to be gone as we're going to see that replaced by temperatures as much as ten degrees cooler. patchy fog along the coastline this morning. maybe a couple of patches into the afternoon. otherwise the temperatures going to be down a bit on the breezy side too. winds kicking up in the afternoon along the coastline and through the mountain gap. and then much cooler next weekend running well below the average. high pressure now sliding eastward you can see the trough begin to work its way in along the west coast. that's going to help to kick up some open the winds. central valley. 90 sacramento and about 91 degrees in yosemite with some of the poke from the fire -- smoke from the fire. low clouds and fog going to try to break up a little bit today although i think not entirely. the patchy fog out towards the coastline. with that in mind the winds will be how manying at some point out toward -- howling at some point towards the coast. 70s and 80s inside bay and still see 80s in the valleys but much cooler than yesterday. then over to san francisco, 67
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degrees. 63 in daly city and on the breezy side next couple of days the temperatures will maybe climb up a little bit on wednesday and thursday. and then roll right back down much cooler than until over the weekend. all right elizabeth. and of course it's a back to work commute after the long holiday weekend and k seeing some -- we're seeing some baby backups so far at the bay bridge toll plaza just in the far left cash lanes. fastrak users you're fine. everything is pretty quiet across the span be the overnight roadwork we're not seeing because workers have been on a holiday as well. here's the live look at the bridge. westbound # 2 still leaving heyward fine. 13 minutes between 880 and 101. and great news the best news we can get for drivers right now. southbound 280 reopened a couple of hours ahead of schedule. that was a tweet sent out around 3:00 this morning. they sent crews to pick up the remaining debris and everything has been moving fine on that southbound 280 stretch between king and mariposa. here's a live look at the
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sensors in the south bay coming up 101 from morgan hill stillings great. 62, 63 miles per hour and your other popular drive times including westbound 580 through the pass we're not seeing any delays yet but again that's pretty typical before 5:00. the nimitz and 880 also fine. and mass transit back to a regular schedule and we checked in with b.a.r.t., so far system wide on time. they should have more than 25 trains all reporting no delay and a.c.e. train one also left the central valley with no problems. that's your latest kcbs traffic. frank michelle back to you guys. liz thank you. the future is uncertain for a controversial tribute to service members who lost their lives in iraq and afghanistan. kpix 5's christin ayers explains what will become of the crosses in lafayette. ♪ >> reporter: for what may be the last time, a lone bugler plays taps against the background of thousands of
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crosses clustered on a hillside in lafayette. since 2006, this has been sacred ground. it's been called the largest memorial to those killed in the wars in iraq and afghanistan. one of them jamar hicks killed in afghanistan on his birthday last summer. >> this is a very heavy day for us. >> reporter: the crosses bring his sister ashley closer to him. and to others who died fighting. >> they were people. they had families. they leave behind great legacies. >> reporter: but the volunteers who built the memorial only intended to keep the crosses until the wars were over. and now they say it's time to take most of them down. >> at this point, i think it's really important to try to figure out what we can do to create a permanent memorial. >> reporter: jeff heaton who helped create the crosses of lafayette envisions the massive rotating memorial. >> we really want to create a -- what we're calling a live memorial. >> reporter: a change that will not come without controversy. some families of fallen troops want to see the crosses remain. >> it does -- give you more of
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a sense -- of the vastness when it comes to the lives that were lost. >> reporter: in lafayette, christin ayers, kpix 5. couple of firefighters got a pleasant surprise over the weekend in vacaville. >> they were shopping for groceries when they had to abruptly leave for an emergency call abandoning their shopping cart full of groceries. the groceries were still there and an anonymous military wife had paid for everything. there was a note on the receipt. >> that said thank you firefighters for all you do. have a good weekend. >> the firefighters have already begun to pay it forward. in fact this evening they'll host a 950-year-old veteran for dinner at the station. time now is 4:51. a tornado strikes a workers' camp in north dakota. a look at the damage left behind. >> and a prized possession stolen from a giants' player. what hunter pence and others are offering to get that scooter back when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right let's fly around the bay area today it will be a cooler day and the winds will be kicking up pretty breezy in the afternoon. 60s out toward the coastline with the couple of patches of fog. more sunshine into the baby temperatures will be -- bay but temperatures will be cooler, 70s and low 80s as you head into the south bay. the east bay. the 90s are long gone now and we move maybe in the low 80s in the warmest spots about 83 degrees in brentwood and antioch. those will be the warmest areas and 80 walnut creek and 78 little breezy in the delta. as you look through the north bay mostly sunny skies this afternoon. 78 in santa rosa. san francisco, 63 downtown. looks like some cool temperatures ahead. and we're doing great right now if you're traveling up and
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down the nimitz freeway. it is of course back to work tuesday for a lot of folks around the bay area. taillights are moving northbound and the travel time 15 minutes clocking in between 238 and the macarthur maze. one more look at the kcbs traffic is all coming up. developing news in north dakota. nine people injured one critically after a tornado struck the camp for oil workers. the twister touched down just before 8:00 last night on the western side of the state. it destroyed at least eight trailers and some were used to house workers. everyone is now accounted for. new this morning folks in the bay area rank high cost of living at the very top of theless of the region's -- the list of the region's most serious problems. that's according to the 2014 bay area council poll. also major concerns including housing costs and crime and traffic. 57% of the respondents felt the bay area is heading in the right direction. a real bummer for giants' star hunter pence. someone stole the scooter. >> he called the go ped battery powered skeet one of his prized
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possessions and he uses it to commute to the ballpark. it was swiped underfrom outside the road house on the embarcadero having dinner and now rewards are being offered. >> because when i didn't know it was going to become such a big deal. but you know i feel a lot of love from the city. so -- it's pretty cool. >> pence is offering an autographed bobblehead in exchange for his scooter's safe return. and the restaurant is offering a free dinner for two. good news, san francisco drivers, southbound 280 leans are back open -- lanes are back open for the morning commute but there's still more construction to work. we'll have the details coming up. >> the south bay continues to mourn three victims from the killing rampage at uc santa barbara over the weekend. i'm kiet do with a live report coming up. ♪
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happen. there was so many shots ringing through. you didn't know where they were coming from. >> today will be a mourning of reflection at the university of california at santa barbara. six students three from the bay area were murdered friday evening after 22-year-old elliot rodger went on a killing spree in the town of isla vista. >> girls are not sexually attracted to me. i have a major problem with that. a major problem. >> that's a problem that i intend to rectify. the parents' worth nightmare. >> a stock on theman is arrested for forcing young teenage girls to sell their body for money. in san francisco the ramp is complete. it's been shut down since last thursday. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> see you later.
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good morning everyone, i'm michelle griego. >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00. and new this morning, a memorial is planned at uc santa barbara for six students killed friday night in the reasonable page there. classes on campus are canceled for the day. george chen was among the victims and his parents joined other mourners in isla vista. >> we would not -- 100 times, 1,000 times but we don't want our kids to get hurt. it's just -- it could happen to any family. and we didn't see -- [ inaudible ] in the united states. >> should have take what happened in that story -- i mean steps to stop it. it shouldn't have had to happen. >> kiet do is with us from san jose this morning from kpix 5 with slain bay area students are being remembered. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, james long was a student here at the high school. graduated two years ago, friends have been paying their respects. jail was a star


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